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The Rent Relief Fund is partnering with the Community Financial Helpline to assess eligibility and complete applications before a case management support worker recieves the file. If you need assistance with the application, or have questions about the Rent Relief Fund, please contact us at : or 431-813-4357 (toll free 1-855-955-4234).

If you already have a Case Management Support Worker (e.g. you have completed the eligiblity screening; you already have a loan), if you are a landlord or a community partner with questions about the program, you can contact the Rent Relief Fund directly at 204-222-2181 ext.2 or

Apply Today

You can apply online using the Financial Support Application. You can also print or fill in the pdf application and e-mail it to us. Your application will be processed as soon as possible. If you are at the point of eviction, or have been served with an Order for Possession, please let us know so we can work with your housing provider to see if we can keep you housed during the application process. If you require assistance filling out the application form or have any questions, email or call 431-813-4357  (toll free 1-855-955-4234)

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